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May 30, 2016
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Welcome to Emmert Internationalís BBCX1000 Schnabel Railcar

Moving The World One Job At A Time

The BBCX1000 is owned and operated by Emmert International of Clackamas, Oregon. It is specifically designed to carry heavy (up to 1 million pounds) and oversized loads in such a way that the load itself makes up part of the car. The load is suspended between the two ends of the cars by lifting arms; the lifting arms are connected to a pivot above an assembly of pivots and frames that carry the weight of the load and the lifting arm.

For loads not designed to be part of the car Emmert Internationalís BBCX1000 is equipped with a deck designed to carry the loads in standard configuration up to 836,000 pounds. Customized decks can be manufactured to increase the overall payload weight. Emmert Internationalís BBCX1000 is equipped with hydraulic equipment that will either lift the load vertically or horizontally shift the load while in transit to clear obstructions along the carís route.

In addition to the BBCX1000 Emmert International owns and maintains a 45 foot - 12 axle deck rail car with a 740,000 pound capacity.

Emmert International is a full service Engineered Transportation and Heavy Rigging service provider. With over 40 years experience we have grown to be a worldwide leader highway, marine, and rail transportation by using our experience, creativity, knowledge, resources, and expertise to get the job done safely, on time, and on budget.

Over the years we have developed relationships with the leading railroad companies that provide us with a competitive edge. Our ability to track shipments, and accurately calculate arrival dates, has lead to efficient rail offloads, which equates to a cost savings for our clients. This coordinated effort has allowed Emmert International to be an industry leader in the utilization of rail transport for heavy equipment moves.

Also visit Emmert International's commercial website at www.emmertintl.com.

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